Internal Bake Oven (IBO)

Intended Use of Internal Bake Oven (IBO)

> To cure the internal spray of beverage cans.
> Maximum design capacity up to 4,000 cpm.


ARC Internal Bake Ovens are designed to stand the test of time with rugged construction, superior performance, and ease of use in mind.  The ARC IBO will efficiently and effectively evacuate solvents from the cans as they enter the oven as well as while they are being processed inside the oven.  While in the oven, the cans will be supplied with proprietary supply nozzle and airflow technology that thoroughly purges the cans of solvent, efficiently heats the cans to allow for a proper cure, as well as provide superior can stability.   The IBO also features a PTFE coated fiberglass belt supported by a perforated slide bed which contributes to improved thermal efficiency, can stability, and reduced maintenance costs.
Many other options are available on ARC IBO’s such as nozzle height adjustment systems to raise and lower the supply nozzles during can height changes, safety railings and access ladders, cooling chambers, and more.
The synthetic conveyor belt helps maintain temperature uniformity and reduce energy consumption.



Stand-by Mode
All Direct Driven Fans

6+ 2” Inch Cool Walls Design 
Nozzle Height Adjustment System
Symmetrical Air Flow Design
Special Air Nozzle For standard, Sleek & Slim Cans
Better Accessibility on Platforms
 “On-demand Only” exhaust air control to maximize energy saving
Local Service Support Available


Handheld welders for conveyor belt
Full Width welder for conveyor belt
Gas flow meter
Gas regulator
Entrance Hood & Exit Exhaust Hood with fan/motors
Stairs for IBO