Industrial Ovens

Intended Use of Industrial Ovens

> To provide all kind of thermal process for various parts.

>Continuous conveyor type,index type or batch type of ovens will be designed and recommended based on customers application.

>Automatic material handling can be offered as an integrated solution.


Industrial ovens are intended to be use for providing all kind of thermal process for various parts, such as drying, curing, aging, annealing, stress relieving,  tempering, preheating and forming. 

ARC’s customed design industrial oven will be design to meet customer‘s specifications, especially there is a demanding requirement in temperature uniformity, cleanness process control or material handling.

With strong support of industrial automation team, ARC is able to provide most suitable industrial oven solution with cost effective material handling system. Therefore to provide  a comprehensive view of factory automation at the very begining, and ease customer’s concern on future machine upgrade and integration.

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