Pin Oven

Intended Use of Pin Oven

>To preliminarily dry the outer coating/ink of beverage cans.

>Maximum design capacity up to 2,400 cpm.


The Pin Oven is designed to preliminarily dry external coating, inks and varnishes of the cans to the cross-link temperature, afterwards cans can be conveyed without outer coating/ink damage to the next process.

ARC pin ovens are equipped with sophisticated internal air ducts that distributes recirculated hot air throughout the entire pin chain path.



Energy Saving Program

Stand-by Mode

All Direct Driven Fans

6+ 2” Inch Cool Walls Design

Full Welding Inside

Complete Access To Return Chain Pass On Platforms

Friction Reduced Shaft Seals

Local Service Support Available


10 or 13 Degree

Right and Left Hand

Pin stripper

Pin chain

Gas flow meter

Gas regulator

Oven roof top Platform

Ladder to STAIR upgrade

Chain Lubricator spray type Upgrade to electrostatic Lubricator