Micro Pin, Micro IBO, & Micro-Can Washer For The Digital Printing Lines.


In order to tackle the crisis of ocean shipping resource shortage, ARC has developed the new design of pin oven that allows containerized shipping for the entire machine.

The new design of the low height pin oven requires no flat rack shipping method, hence to save the high flat rack packing and shipping cost.

The new design of low height pin oven has the same performance, same operational cost as a standard pin oven.


Revolutionary design that allows containerized shipping for entire pin oven.

More flexible to fit the factory with a height limit.

Significant Saving on packing and shipping cost for oversea project.

Almost the same operation cost.


Example : Difference between a low height pin oven design and standard design pin oven



Above number of shipping and packing cost is based on CIF Los Angeles, US, estimated by ARC. Those number are for reference only and can be changed due to market price.